Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From Old to New

An artist always wonders where they will be a year from now with their work. Its weird to see my work from a year ago. It definitely has changed, These photos are from a year ago until the beginning of last summer.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Yana the Incredible

So recently I did a new shoot with Yana, from Elite for specs. Straight from Moscow, this girl definitely has the potential to be the next top model. Every shot was different and great in its own. She really knew how to work her face like a lot of models don't at such a young age or ever. I look forward to seeing this girls career blow up soon, because it will.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Terrylicious Exposed

Terry Richardson, son of famous Bob Richardson, has been exposed! Terry Richardson, the man behind the flash on camera style of shooting gorgeous girls erotically has come across some controversy. Some models have been coming forth and saying that he takes advantage of his power. One model claimed that she was told to strip down to the bare minimum, which was fine until he started telling her to call him Uncle Terry and eventually convinced her to supposedly do other sexual acts to him. Other models like Abbey Lee have spoken in his favor saying that he has never come across in an improper manner and it is always the girls choice. So the question is, are the younger, new models naive enough to go with anything the bigger photographers say? Who's fault is it? I like Terry's work so I hope his intentions aren't flawed. His work is scandalous but he is interesting in the sense that he created a known style from just using a Yashica. Guess that we will have to see where the cards lay and hope for the best, which ever that may be.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chloe gets Stripped of Color and Print

From gorgeous colors that popped out of the prints to dull brown, this is where Chloe has headed. Hannah Macgibbon has changed the whole look of Chloe since Spring 2009. Hannah worked for Chloe back in 2001 when the star designer Phoebe Philo was making Chloe what it is known for. So I wonder why she took away all of the color and arousing designs. The clothes now, yes they are modern feel very 1950's for the uptown girl. Everyone has done the earth tone look with no prints and it gets boring after a while to look at and that is what Chloe did differently from their predecessors. Sure Chloe has been struggling and since Philo left and will continue to. Lets just hope that this dullness won't last for years to come.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Burberry Men's collection has gone from boring to modern

No more plaid colors!! Christopher Bailey has truly revamped Burberry. For some time Burberry was dull and known for older folks but the past few seasons have really made this old timer a new timer. I went glancing around the store in Soho, and I love the Prorsum collection. I was very impressed with the belted shirts and animal printed shirts for men. The men's and women's spring and fall collections really stand out among their peers from the fluidity of the dresses to the color pallete to the playing with texture. I am very anxious to see what Christopher Bailey does in the future for Burberry and by then I'll be able to buy the whole men's collection!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Trend of the Season.... Is sports back in?

So, I've noticed from the shows that sports trends are back. Spandex looking pants with a suit jacket for a more androgynous look. I think that some of the outfits that I saw were cute but I hope not everyone follows this trend. This is probably a good thing for Lacoste because they always have a sports theme occurring in their designs. These four designers, Thakoon, Nicole Miller, Derek Lam and Alexander Wang, made this trend look different enough to where its not too obvious. Though I am not sure that every girl can pull off the swimsuit look. What does everyone else think? I just hope girls won't think that it is cool to walk around in an actual sports team's jersey because that is definitely not fashionable but tacky. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The hot new Girl in the Fashion World!

So I've re-tested with my model friend; Safara, I met in late '08. From the time I met her, I could see she had potential but she still needed to more of a shove out to learning the command of this industry. It's been two yrs later and I've shot with her another time afterwards, and she's gotten more conscious within how to bring it as a high fashion model yet, still leave traces of her individuality in out shoots. As you can see here people, she will soon be rising to stardom. She is still however a freelance model, but I don't believe for much longer.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hater Time! On Ed Hardy!

So I am wondering what is Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier thinking? I understand that they wanted a celebrity on their ads, the NBA all star Dwight Howard. This ad doesn't make any sense. I feel like it should be just a portrait of the NBA player for his own use or for Sports Illustrated. It doesn't show anything about the clothes except says that sports players are cool. I never liked Ed Hardy, maybe because I'm not a beefy Italian guy from North Jersey but still... they could of done so much better...
This is why I want to shoot ads one day! Even for Ed Hardy, I'd make them millions!

Balmain Spring 2010... Yay or Nay

The military style is definitely still in full effect. I wonder if it will ever leave but I do like what Balmain did to it. I love edgy sexy clothes for women. Clothes that make a women stand out in a crowd to show the world, "Hey I am here, hear me roar!" Most times I hate the color green and gold, maybe because those were my High school colors were those but for some reason I adore these outfits. Obviously not every women can wear these but for those that can, and can afford them... you are extremely lucky and if I see someone on the street wearing something Balmain, I'll sure stop them and take a photo. Check out the full collection at ""

Monday, April 12, 2010

Some recent work for Elite

So thought I'd start this off with some recent work I shot for Elite. Worked with an amazing girl, Rachel Proteau, from Oregon. She definitely will be a star one day!